Unforgivable (2023) – Nollywood Movie

Unforgivable (2023) – Nollywood Movie download nollywood movie mp4

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An arrogant, self assured, rich, debonair, mid level investment banking professional with an excessive lust for women finds himself mired in a rape charge. In the game of saving himself from life imprisonment and odium, he rejects assistance from his powerful, but modest father and chooses to go it all alone. He will find his cook, who reveres him for his generosity, and his cousin, with whom he has a steaming incestuous relationship, dependable in the fight, but will this be enough for him?

Produced by: Maha Yawa

Directed by: Osezuah Elimihe

Written by: Osezuah Elimihe

Distributor: Blue Pictures

Release Date: July 28, 2023

Runtime: 128 minutes

Genres: Crime, Drama

Language: English

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Production: Aisre Pictures Production

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